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Morning Prayer – Modah Ani

I am not a morning person. If it were up to me, morning would begin at about noon. But at least one-third of the day has passed for most of the world.

So I compromise and try to get out of bed by 8:00am. I’m usually groggy and still processing my dreams. On days where I have something challenging planned I also have the urge to bury my head under the blankets and avoid whatever is looming.

I created this practice as a way to remember that waking up each morning is a tiny miracle. To remember that this new day is a fresh beginning for me. To remember to thank the many elements in my world which sustain me.

When I was up I reach for this card and say:

I am grateful before you
Spirit who is alive and exists.*

I say “thank you” to the spirit who is alive and exists in all things. And I remember this day and this place is a little better because I am in it.

*Based on traditional Jewish prayer, “Modah Ani.”

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