Inner Peace Empowers

One of the biggest challenge in our very busy world is finding a quiet place. There are so many demands for our attention. Especially from our own minds telling us all the things we should be doing; all the things we should be that we’re not.

When what we focus on comes from outside our true selves including (perhaps especially) from that part of us that worries about being acceptable, we relinquish our connection to our greatest, truest power. We become like leaves being swept this way and that by whichever way the wind blows. To whatever or whoever demands our attention most urgently.

When we are in tune with our body, heart, and spirit, we are deeply grounded in what is right for us in the moment. Being deeply grounded is being personally empowered. I think most of us know this at an intuitive level.

Pocket of Serenity is here to help you reclaim this precious time for yourself. To help you create an environment that works on you; reminds you to take time out for what matters most. We offer resources: calming rituals and practices that help you reconnect with yourself and inner peace. To remind yourself that you are deeply connected and supported by larger, more enduring energies.