Golden Thread Podcast – Guest Lara Buelow

As a certified coach and professional life designer, Lara Buelow is a catalyst for transformation. She specializes in guiding professional women through powerful career transitions, empowering them to become their most effective, fulfilled selves. With a talent for helping clients get unstuck and reignite their passions, Lara infuses her coaching with a contagious zest for life. She firmly believes that joy and purpose should be integral to success, encouraging clients to have more fun, chase their dreams, and rediscover their sense of purpose.

Hailing from picturesque Germany and sunny California, Lara blends nature’s inspiration with coastal vibrancy in her coaching. Leading creative programs remotely, her wisdom transcends boundaries.

Lara’s clients uncover not just career clarity but also a renewed sense of self, equipped to navigate life’s twists and turns. If you’re ready to transform your career and embrace a purposeful, fun-filled life, Lara Buelow is the coach to light your path to success. Lara can be reached at

Lara currently lives in Denver, CO with her two kids and husband. She gets lit up by reading, writing, exercising and spending quality time with friends outside. Though most of her time and energy are spent managing her two girls, Lara occasionally takes the opportunity to indulge in hobbies from her adventurous past. These special activities include surfing ankle-biter waves, painting murals on whatever walls friends or family can offer, and dancing at concerts. Lara travels to California frequently to spend time with her side of the family and breathe the coastal air.

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