Inner Peace

Who Needs a Pocket of Serenity? I do!

The hardest thing about inner peace is remembering to stop and do something to create inner peace. It’s been especially challenging during the COVID19 pandemic. Just writing COVID19 brings up so many negative emotions, sensations and thoughts! A kind of infinite loop of worry and dread. I suspect most of us are walking around with that litany of worry and dread inside.

It’s very easy to just go with it. My mind goes into “problem solving mode” trying to figure out how I’ll deal with all the possible awful possibilities. Hours can go by and I may look like I’m present and getting things done but my consciousness is far far away considering and addressing the crisis.

I’m not someone naturally drawn to spiritual practice and ritual. I’d rather be writing or creating something or planning a project. But I’ve come to recognize that if I don’t pause and touch base with my wiser self, I’ll live my life in a seething pool of fear, resentment, dread, and discontent. I don’t like that person very much. She’s a drag to live with.

I’ve also realized that I am simply happier, I make better choices, I have better relationships, and my work is more joyful when I get out of Monkey Mind and hang out with Wiser Counsel.

Because I’m not one to naturally do spiritual practice I need reminders I can’t ignore. I’ve always been found of cards because they’re portable, versatile, and you can’t write too much on a card. A 4″x6″ card forces you to decide what’s really essential to include. A card imposes discipline.

And thus I began creating cards and I called this venture, “Pocket of Serenity” because these are compact, simple practices which take 5-10 minutes and create a pocket of peace from which I proceed.

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