Creative Process

7. Process: Printing the Cards

This is an article in a series describing the process I use to create a practice card. The practice I’m using to illustrate this process is for “Calling Back Power.”


When I began this project, I envisioned creating something tangible and accessible. There are lots of online resources for spiritual practice. But there is something special about having something you can touch and hold in your hand. As human beings we still have the need to hold things. And in ritual work, objects are often used as focal points for powers and intention.

I also like having the card right in front of me as a reminder to pause and take care of myself. I pick up the card, open it, and can create a peaceful space for myself.

But like many designers these days, most of the work I do is for online presentation. I haven’t done much print work recently. So I reached out to Annie Harmon of Harmony Design for help. She took the layouts and artwork I created, prepared them for printing and worked with the printer to produce the final cards.

Once printed, the cards are ready for sale and for sharing.

I’ve been mailing these cards to friends and family as an offering to help cope with the stress of the COVID19 pandemic. In the mailed envelope, I included an alcoholic wipe packet for anyone nervous about the virus. The cards are coated card stock and look fine after being wiped down.

For more information on available cards and practices, visit my Offerings page.


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