02 Is the Marketing Root Work Community for You?

There are a lot of marketing programs and instruction available for creators and entrepreneurs. But they don’t necessarily do a good job of addressing the deeply personal nature of selling our creations. The marketplaces for creative work can feel harsh and indifferent to what is uniquely yours. It’s not surprising if you find yourself feeling discouraged.

The Marketing Root Work Program is a good fit if:

  • You are a woman in mid-life
  • You identify as being a “creative person” and see your creativity as a strength
  • Creating is a significant activity in your life 
  • It is important to you that you share your work with other people
  • You want to sell your work (even if you don’t need to sell your work)
  • You want to use your creativity more in your everyday life
  • You’ve become disenchanted with conventional goal-setting and to-do lists when it comes to accomplishing what is close to your heart.

You are likely to thrive and blossom in the marketing root work program if

  • You genuinely enjoy and value collaboration with other people
  • You can share personal emotions and sensations when you are in a safe space with other people.
  • You are open and interested in trying out different ideas even if you feel a little uncomfortable.
  • You can ask other people for help
  • You love to learn
  • You are eager and interested in connecting with the people who love and appreciate your work even if you’re not quite sure how to find them

If you’ve read this and you’re thinking “yep, that’s me! What’s next?” Click here to read 03 How the Marketing Root Work Community Works

And, again, if you prefer to talk to a real human being (me) click here to schedule time to talk.

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