Golden Thread Conversations – Guest FAQ

The Golden Thread is the path creators and makers follow to create what they want in life. Someone following their Golden Thread is led to their purpose in a way that results in the highest and best use of their gifts and blessings.

Although following this path is often challenging, it is also the surest path to more joy, fulfillment, and meaning.

In the Golden Thread conversations I speak with makers, creators, and entrepreneurs who demonstrate three core values in their life and work: Creativity, Community, and Empowerment.

I see our conversations as an opportunity for guests to share what is their Hero’s Journey. Anyone walking a less conventional path is living a heros journey and it is important to share our adventures to inspire and encourage those on a similar path.

Guests may be professional artists, activists, entrepreneurs, healers … anyone who lives by these values in big and small ways. 

Details – How?

If you’re a guest, here are the details for the way we’ll do the conversation:

  • We decide on a date and time.
  • Conversations run between 30-45 minutes. I suggest scheduling one hour.
  • Conversations are done on Zoom or another web-based meeting app. 
  • They are audio recorded.
  • Conversations are posted the following Monday on PocketofSerenity.
  • I’m in the process of setting up The Golden Thread as a podcast to offer more accessibility and convenience for listeners.

Interview Format

This is my suggested format. Happy to discuss changes with guests.

  • Brief introduction (tell us about yourself).
  • Projects you’re doing (what are you most focused on creating?)
  • What challenges you most? (Issues, situations, etc that come between you and making something a reality)
  • What empowers and inspires you? What keeps you going?
  • Share an accomplishment you are most proud of. An example of how you worked through challenges, what you leaned on/what nourished you? What was the outcome?
  • What kind of legacy do you want to leave?
  • What is one piece of advice you would give those who feel inspired to follow your path?
  • What can people to do learn more about your work/support you?

Follow up

  • I’ll list resources, recommendations, websites, book titles etc relating to our interview on PocketofSerenity. This is for audience members who are interested in following up on something mentioned.
  • I’m also interested in how to encourage interaction. For example, setting up a FB page where people can ask questions during and after the conversation. This is an opportunity for guests to build connections and community.

Goals for the Conversations

Objectives I want to accomplish through Golden Thread Conversations include:

  • Conversations are fun, inspiring, and engaging for me, my guest, and the audience.
  • Empower all involved in ways that are tangible and not so tangible.
  • I want guests to shine! To feel appreciated, perhaps can see what they are doing in new, empowering ways.
  • A sense of community and connection. “She’s like me”, “I bet I could do that, too!” 
  • Laughter!
  • Open up opportunities for all involved. Example, new resources, connections, ideas, friendships, collaborations, etc.
  • Inspire listening communities that no matter what the external circumstances you can create what you want in your life!

If you have questions, comments, or are interested in being a guest, email me:

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