Calling Back Power Practice

Most of us like to think we’re very much in control of what we think and do. To a degree this is true. But I’ve realized that I’m often “hijacked” by my scary or angry stories. I can be doing one thing and my mind is occupied by the unfairness of a past slight or occupied by my dread of some future event.

I can find myself in a part of my house wondering why did I want to be here to begin with. That’s a sign that I’ve been hijacked.

First, let’s have some compassion here. Human beings have survived as a species because we’re good at adapting and learning. We learn from past mistakes and we think about possible outcomes. It helps us adapt constructively to changes, particularly to dangers. But I think this part of us is a little too good at its job; making us constantly vigilant for any possible danger and working on our emotions to create a sense of urgency.

Today, we live in a world that is benign relative to our past as hunter gatherers living in a world full of things that could kill us. There may not be a predator around the corner waiting to make us its meal but it still feels that way.

My interest is in healing my inner hunter gatherer. Healing old traumas that underlie my over-reactions, and most importantly tapping into the resources of spirit that surround me.

This practice is inspired by the work of my teacher, Larisa Noonan. She has frequently used this process to help me clear intense emotions and obsessive thinking allowing me to settle into my truth. It is quietly literally about taking my power back into the present where I can be effective.

Similar to many Pocket of Serenity practices, Calling Back Power begins with anchoring in our environment and bodies. We attune to the sights, sounds, and sensation around us. We set a boundary and invite help guides to protect us.

With the support of our guides, we witness what is troubling us and notice where in our bodies the distress seems to live. We then work with our guides to safely witness the distress and in the process heal the old trauma.

This is a very powerful practice and one which is especially effective when practiced with a partner. When you are witnessing what upsets you, it helps when there’s another person holding the space.



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