Golden Thread Podcast – Guest Linda Katz

Linda and I always have fun and engaging conversations. In this podcast we talked about the concept of The Wild Feminine, a more detailed exploration of what the wild feminine actually is (kind of tricky actually), and ways in which we can invite more of the wild feminine way of being into our daily lives.

And wonderful news! Linda’s first book, Homecoming: One Woman’s Story of Dismantling the Inner Cage and Freeing Her Wild Feminine Soul, will soon be available on 

Linda is a wild feminine coach and Qoya movement teacher who has been on a quest for the last decade to reclaim her wild. She spent five years on the hero’s journey, escaping all the external cages she thought were keeping her constrained. But after changing nearly everything in her life and realizing that she still didn’t feel the wildness she most longed for, she set out on the heroine’s descent to dismantle the cage that existed within. 

Learn more about Linda and her work at SingingBirdCoaching . Learn more about Linda’s book, Homecoming at


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