Golden Thread Podcast – Guest Heidi Timer

Heidi Timer is a yoga instructor, active isolated stretching practitioner, and myofascial massage therapist with over 20 years of experience in the Health & Wellness industry. 

Her time being of service to others during their health challenges left her questioning why some people respond quickly to manual treatments while others do not seem to improve at all.  Insight into this conundrum came when she herself could not resolve her chronic pain despite everything she knew and the talented healers she visited. 

What finally shifted her pain was a 10 minute meditation where she asked her pain what message it had for her.  She was amazed that in just ten minutes of opening up to and listening to her body, her pain was gone.  It never came back and the message she received is what led her to Moon Work, to connect with her own natural cycles which she discovered were connected to the cycles of the Universe. 

Heidi observes that our culture’s strictly structured modern lifestyle makes us too tired and distracted to realize how much of our suffering originates from an emotional and spiritual level.  This realization led her to develop an offering, Moonwork with Heidi, to help people reconnect with their lives in a magical, emotional way and start creating a life they love.

Connect with Heidi on Instagram @moonworkwithheidi.

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