Alley Artifacts #5

Watercolor on paper. 5″x9″ (13 cm x 23 cm). All of these images are of things I find while walking through my neighborhood. 

I generally don’t get excited about objects like mousetraps but I loved the lettering and “Can’t Miss” branding. Plus it was made in Marengo Illinois, an old industrial town in Northwest Illinois.

Mint grows wild throughout the Denver area. It dies off in the Fall and come back like magic every Spring. 

Most homeowners get really annoyed when people let their dogs poop on their lawn. I liked how neat and polite this sign was.

Finally the cowboy patterns on the bottom image are from a carpet in an old restaurant that was torn down a few years ago. The replaced the entire half block with expensive townhomes, offices and shops. The houses and restaurants weren’t really worth saving but it’s kind of scary how it’s like they never existed. Ah gentrification.

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