Alley Artifacts #11

Alley Artifacts #11. Watercolor on paper. 8.5″x10″ (22cm x 26cm). 

Another fine selection of images from my Denver neighborhood! To learn more about each image, read on.

Top image: Exterior of a Combs Aircraft Corporation office and storage. Just north of my neighborhood is a large, sprawling light industrial area: mostly warehouses, assembly, and distribution. This building got my notice because there was a bad fire and I’m guessing the entire property will be razed and redeveloped.  It was a cool, old building and I always feel a little sad when a cool, vintage building gets scraped.

Middle Left: You don’t need to speak Italian to understand this signs says “Beware of Dog.” That dog looks like it’s just waiting to get some bad boys. They do everything in Italy with a certain flair don’t they?

Middle Right: Someone created this pretty little wreath with small tree ornaments. I was charmed and took a photo of it.

Lower Left: I initially thought these were a type of cactus. Nope, these are artichokes in blossom. I had no idea how beautiful the flowers were!

Lower Right: I get a kick out of sidewalks that are signed by the company that laid them. I guess I admire their pride of workmanship. It’s also impressive that this sidewalk is over 60-years old and still in great condition.  Kudos to J.P. Campbell!

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