Alley Artifacts #13 Maine

Alley Artifacts #13 Maine. Watercolor on paper. 8.5″x 11″ 22cm x 28cm). 

Sights and scenes from my 2019 trip to Maine. We spent most of our time in Camden and Rockport. 

The lovely mermaid was on the outer wall of the gift shop and restaurant at the Owls Head Lighthouse Museum complex. Credit to Christine Anderson who painted the mural. While I did take a sightseeing cruise, I was way too seasick to take any pictures. I will never be a good sailor.


Alley Artifacts #9

Alley Artifacts #9. Watercolor on paper. 7.5″x11″ (19cm x 29cm). 

It’s Autumn and I see yellow and orange everywhere. So each of the images in this painting has some orange in it. Although the super cool custom van is slightly less fluorescent, it’s still a very bright, cheerful orange. As always each image is something I see while I’m walking around my Denver neighborhood.