What Do You Want to Create?

My favorite question to ask creators is, “What do you want to create?”

I love asking this question because unlike many other questions, what do you want to create? gets past the limitations of what is safely realistic. It invites us to create what we truly desire.

“What do you want to create” frames the question as:

If you could create what you most desire what would that be?

It’s not a question we usually get to consider.

In our culture we aren’t taught to think in terms of what we want to create. We’re taught to look at what we want as a series of problems that need to be solved in order to have a desired outcome.

When you focus on what is in the way, your energy is focused on getting rid of what you don’t want.

And even after you’ve solved all the problems it doesn’t guarantee an outcome you truly desire; it just produces an outcome in which you’ve addressed things you don’t want and hopefully you end up with what you do want.

This isn’t to say that problem solving isn’t important. Problem solving is incredibly important and human beings are very, very good at defining and solving problems; problem solving is one of our super powers you might say.

But another human super power which, in my opinion, doesn’t get used enough is our imagination and our ability to see beyond what is. And if you are a creative type like me, there are few things are more fun than contemplating the question “what do I want to create?”

The other thing I like about the question “what do you want to create?” Is you are focusing on the positive; what you desire and I find setting my end goal as creating what I desire to be a very motivating place work from.

Focusing on what you want to create doesn’t mean it will be easy to get there especially if what you want to create is something near and dear to your heart. Which is why using marketing root work practices and creating within a supportive community container is so important. It’s rare that what we want to create is something we can do alone.

Want to give it try? Think about an area in your life in which you are dissatisfied. It can be anything.  Whatever is alive for you.

My thoughts often go to my messy office. As soon as I begin to think about my office I feel constriction in my chest, I feel stressed and dissatisfied and I feel guilty because I’m not doing enough to deal with the clutter.

Now turn it around from the perspective of if your fairy godmother suddenly appeared and told you she will create for you what you really DO want, what would you tell her?

I would tell my fairy Godmother that I want a beautiful, peaceful space where I have everything I really need and nothing that I don’t need. It would be full of light and just about everything would be stored away neatly though I DO like a little mess around me in a way that inspires me. I would want a space to do my arts and crafts and a desk for business-oriented work. And of course I would want a few comfy places spots for guests and for my cats.

There’s more I could say but I think this gives you an idea. You are focusing on what you want; what makes you feel happy. At this moment you are not worrying about problems or obstacles. You are just focusing on the delightful end result.

It doesn’t matter if this is unrealistic or it’s out of your budget. What matters is a having a very clear vision of what you want which brings up visceral sensations of happiness, contentment, inspiration, etc. When you have a clear vision of what you want to create it is innately inspiring and motivating.

You can see why it’s such a great question to consider if you are a creator.

From the perspective of Marketing Root Work we are cultivating the garden of our dreams; of our imaginations. Is it possible? Maybe. It is certainly more possible than starting from the perspective of your limitations and scarcity.

If you want to share what you come up with, please do. I love hearing what people want to create. What do YOU want to create?!

May we create what we most desire in the world.

Judy Murdoch
Marketing Root Worker, Artist, Writer

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