Tonala Cat “Steff”

Tonala Cat #14, “Steff.” Watercolor on paper. 11” x 8.5”. 

Although Tonala pottery can come in a variety of colors, they traditionally the yellow grey color of the native clay decorated with warm reds, grey blue, and black.

So I was delighted to find this green tonala cat! 

I named this cat “Steff” in honor of Steph Brady, the artist who owns in Green Cat Gallery in Salida, Colorado. And, yes, Steph really does paint green cats!

Status: Available. $120.00 unframed.


Tonala Tortoise

Tonala Tortoise with traditional motifs and patterns. Watercolor on paper. 11” x 8.5” (28cm x 22cm).

Backstory: I was walking in my neighborhood when I noticed what looked like a large rock moving in someone’s yard. It was a tortoise! A very friendly tortoise. It walked right up to the fence and gave me a good look. I was charmed. I had no idea tortoises could be so friendly and charismatic. My tortoise friend inspired this painting.

Status: Available. Email me: regarding pricing.


Tonala Bird #1

Tonala Bird #1. Watercolor on paper. 7.5”x 9” (18cm x 23cm). 

The pottery bird model for this painting looked to me like a cockatiel but apparently cockatiels are not native to Mexico. I’m now guessing it’s a type of parrot or a Crested Caracara also known as the Mexican Eagle. Perhaps both birds will sing a beautiful song if you keep a green tree in your heart.

Status: Available. Email me: regarding pricing.