Golden Thread Podcast – Guest Laura Lundin – Part 2

Laura and I had such a great first conversation, we decided to do a second to pick up on some topics dear to our hearts.

In this conversation we discussed the reality of “twisty” career paths. While most of us start our careers thinking it’s going to be a steady a glorious ascent to a CEO title, more often we discover, our career paths involve starting in one place and taking several unexpected, even painful course corrections.

Laura shared how she helps her clients turn these painful events into discovering careers they truly love. And how each of us can be the CEO of our own careers.

About Laura

Laura Lundin is the Founder and Head Coach of the Corporate Compassion Project, a boutique executive coaching practice that helps purpose-driven women achieve more fulfillment, recognition, and impact in their careers. 

Before founding her own mission-driven business, Laura had a 20-year career in corporate social responsibility, communications, and marketing. 

Laura is passionate about the performing arts and preparing the next generation of purpose-driven leaders as demonstrated by her board and volunteer service . (website) (LinkedIn profile)


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