Alley Artifacts #9

Alley Artifacts #9. Watercolor on paper. 7.5″x11″ (19cm x 29cm). 

It’s Autumn and I see yellow and orange everywhere. So each of the images in this painting has some orange in it. Although the super cool custom van is slightly less fluorescent, it’s still a very bright, cheerful orange. As always each image is something I see while I’m walking around my Denver neighborhood.


Golden Thread Podcast – Guest Heidi Timer

Heidi Timer is a yoga instructor, active isolated stretching practitioner, and myofascial massage therapist with over 20 years of experience in the Health & Wellness industry. Heidi’s observation that “The emotional experience of life is stifled by our over productive and strictly structured modern lifestyles.  We are too tired and too distracted by all our obligations to even realize that some of our suffering originates on an emotional or spiritual level” led her to develop an offering to help people reconnect with their lives in a magical and emotional way and start creating a life they love.