Golden Thread Conversation – Guest Chaya Malka Spilman

Chaya Malka creates space for the Divine within her being on a daily basis through prayer, meditation, and altar work. She uses watercolor to create feminine, whimsical, and spiritual images. In her spare time she loves to strum a ukulele on mountaintops and sings in spiritual communal spaces.

Chaya Malka’s work is available for purchase on her website, You can also connect with Chaya Malka on Instagram at @cms_in_spirit.


Golden Thread Conversations – Guest FAQ

The Golden Thread is the path creators and makers follow to create what they want in life. Someone following their Golden Thread is led to their purpose in a way that results in the highest and best use of their gifts and blessings. Although following this path is often challenging, it is also the surest… Continue reading Golden Thread Conversations – Guest FAQ